Additional Readings in Distributed and Cluster Computing



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Distributed Systems Overview

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    Plan 9 homepage
  7. Introduction to Parallel Computing and Cluster Computers", by Dave Turner - Ames Laboratory


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Distributed Communication

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  12. Intro to Socket Programming From University of Wisconsin
  13. Davin's collection of unix programming links Lots of links to Network programming references.

    Message Passing Libraries

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    some on-line references:

    1. Whitepaper - RMI
    2. RMI

    Distributed Shared Memory

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    Distributed Data Structures/Objects

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  35. Some on-line references:
    1. CORBA meets Java, JavaWorld October 1997
    2. OMG Homepage
    3. Distributed Object Computing with CORBA
    4. Concurrent Programming in Java

    Also look for CORBA and JavaSpaces documents on-line

Network RAM

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  13. Remote Paging references

Event Ordering and Distributed State

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Replication and Fault Tolerance and Recovery

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Distributed Coordination

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Naming in Distributed Systems

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Peer-to-Peer Systems

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Distributed File and Storage Systems

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Distributed Hash Tables

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Distributed Database Management Systems

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Block chain, bitcoin

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Authentication and Security

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The Grid (Meta-Computing)

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    Meta-computing Security

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Web Computing

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    Security and the Web

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    Web File Systems

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