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event: Noah Smith talk (CS97)
date: Tuesday, April 19

time: 1:15 PM
where: Science Center 256

All students and faculty are invited to join the CS97 Senior Seminar class this Tuesday at 1:15 for a guest lecture by Noah Smith...[more info]

event: SWICS study break
date: Thursday, March 17

time: 9 pm
where: CS seminar room

Women in CS classes are invited to attend a study break this Thursday night at 9pm in the CS seminar room. See here for more details.

event: Sigma Xi talk by Michael Dickinson
date: Wednesday, March 16, 2005

time: 4:00 pm
where: Science Center 101

Michael Dickinson is the Zarem Professor of Bioengineering at Caltech. The title of Michael's talk is How Flies Fly. More details are given in this abstract.

event: Susan Landau talk
date: monday, february 21

time: 10:30 am
where: SCI 183

Susan Landau is Senior Staff Engineer at Sun Microsystems Laboratories, where she concentrates on the interplay between security and public policy.The title of Susan's talk is "National Security on the Line: ElectronicCommunications in an Age of Terror". Susan will also be available after the talk to discuss what math and cs types do at Sun that is NOT coding. More details are given in this abstract.

event: Paul Hudak...two talks at Haverford
date: february 8 & 9, 2005

time: feb 8 @ 4:30, feb 9 @ 3pm
where: KINSC

Paul Hudak is known for his work on on the development of programming languages including Scheme and Haskell. See here for more details.

event: CS Summer Research Info Session
date: wednesday january 26th, 2005

time: 4 pm
where: science center 240

The CS faculty will describe their research projects and provide information about applying for summer stipend money. All students are welcome to attend. See here for more details.

event: Hal Pomeranz talk
date: monday, november 22, 2004

time: 4:30 pm
where: SCI 240

Hal graduated from Swarthmore College in 1989, and was one of the CS department's first few sysadmins. He is now an independent computer security consultant and lecturer. The title of Hal's talk is "The Consensus Approach to World-Wide Computer Security Improvement". More details are given in this abstract. Hal will also join us today (Nov 22) for informal discussion at theCS lunch in Sharples room 4.

event: Ben Vigoda talk
date: friday, september 15, 2004

time: 3 pm
where: science center 240

Ben earned his undergraduate degree in physics from Swarthmore College in 1996. He is now a researcher at Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs and a visiting scientist at the MIT Media Lab. The title of Ben's talk is "Analog Logic: Building machine learning with analog, continuous-time computers". More details are given in this abstract.

event: croquet & root beer floats
date: wednesday, september 15, 2004

time: 4:00 pm -- ??
where: science center courtyard

Join us this Friday for some food and fun! Come hang out with CS folks (faculty, staff, and students) for root beer floats and croquet. Any student in a CS course, CS majors and minors, and students just interested in CS are all welcome.

event: David Clark talk
date: wednesday, april 14, 2004

time: 4:30 pm
where: science center 199

Swarthmore alum David Clark will be giving a talk this Wednesday afternoon. David is a Senior Research Scientist at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, where he has worked since receiving his Ph.D. there in 1973. The title of David's talk is "Why Network Security is even harder than you thought". More details are given in this abstract.

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