Swarthmore College Department of Computer Science

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The Computer Science Department offers majors, minors, honors majors, and honors minors.

To apply to the CS department:

  1. 2017 Spring Computer Science meeting for sophomores will be held Jan 31, 2017 in Science Center 101 at 4:30pm. Sophomores are encouraged to attended the informational meeting!

  2. By Monday, Feb. 6, indicate your intended CS major or minor in the Sophomore Plan portal. We will assign you an advisor in the CS Department.

  3. Select and save the appropriate form from the editable pdf files given in the list below. Note: if you are applying as a CS minor with a CS course major, then submit both the CS honors minor and the CS major form. Satisfying the CS major requirement will also satisfy the course requirments for the CS honors minor. However, we accept you to each independently, and we need your honors preparation from the CS honors minor form.

  4. Feb. 13-24, meet with your CS advisor to map out a plan based on the guidelines given in the form. Use our tentative future schedule to see when courses will be offered. When formulating your plan be sure to take all three introductory courses (cs21, cs31, and cs35) prior to taking upper-level courses.

  5. By 1pm, Monday, February 27, turn your completed form into Bridget in the CS main office.

Acceptance criteria

Note that if you have not completed at least two of the introductory courses (cs21, cs31, or cs35), your application will be deferred.

To be eligible for a computer science major, a student must have at least a B- average in the introductory courses (cs21, cs31, and cs35). In addition, students have at least a C in cs31 and cs35 to be eligible to take upper-level courses. Students who have not met this criterion may re-take cs31 or cs35 to obtain the necessary foundation for success in upper-level courses. Students who are deferred have one year from the date of their application to satisfy these requirements.