Swarthmore College Department of Computer Science

2013-14 cs events & talks

event: Allan Friedman talk
date: Mon, Jan 27

time: 4:30pm
where: SciCnt 199

Allan Friedman will talk about Cybersecurity...more

event: Alexis Ohanian talk
date: Wed, Dec 4

time: 7:00pm
where: SciCen 101

Alexis Ohanian will discuss his start-up experience, Internet entrepreneurship, jobs in Silicon Valley....more

event: Bill Gasarch talk
date: Fri, Nov 15

time: 11:30pm
where: SciCen 240

On Friday November 15 at 11:30AM Bill Gasarch will be visiting from the University of Maryland and giving a talk about summer research opportunities in theory/algorithms at the University of Maryland....more

event: summer research
date: Thu, Nov 14

time: 4:30pm
where: SciCen 128

Come hear about opportunities for summer research here on campus with CS faculty this Thusrday...more

event: google tech talk
date: Tue, Nov 12

time: 12:45pm - 1:30pm
where: SciCen 101

Google Software Engineer and Swarthmore College '13 alum Chloe Stevens will discuss engineering roles at Google, the recruiting process, and her work on Google search ads...more

event: Bryce Wiedenbeck talk
date: Mon, Nov 11

time: 4:30pm
where: SciCen 240

Bryce Wiedenbeck '08 will be visiting from the University of Michigan and giving a talk on his research and about graduate school...more

event: summer experiences in CS
date: Thu, Oct 24

time: 4:30pm
where: SCI 128

CS students will discuss what they did last summer. Internships, REUs, research with Faculty at Swarthmore...find out what you could do this summer...more

event: Grad School Panel
date: Thur, Sept 26

time: 4:30pm
where: Sci128

Come to this panel to find out about applying to and succeeding in graduate school.

event: Sundae-Friday
date: Friday, Sept 6

time: 3:30-4:30pm
where: Science Center Courtyard

The CS and Math/Stat Departments will be hosting a Sundae-Friday this Friday from 3:30-4:30 in the Science Center Courtyard. All students in CS courses are encouraged to attend.

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