Swarthmore College Department of Computer Science

computer science schedule: FALL 2017

Below are links to course and faculty web pages for the current semester.

Current Comp Sci Course Pages
021.1 Introduction to Comp Sci Mathieson
021.2 Introduction to Comp Sci Knerr
021.3 Introduction to Comp Sci Wicentowski
031 Introduction to Computer Systems Newhall
035.1 Data Structures and Algorithms Danner
035.2 Data Structures and Algorithms Gagné
041.1 Algorithms Fontes
041.2 Algorithms Wiedenbeck
043 Computer Networks Webb
066 Machine Learning Soni
071 Software Engineering Palmer
081 Adaptive Robotics Meeden

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2101Intro to Comp ScienceMathiesonMWF10:30am-11:20amSCI 256
2102Intro to Comp ScienceKnerrMWF11:30am-12:20pmSCI 256
2103Intro to Comp ScienceWicentowskiTTH9:55am-11:10amSCI 256
21AIntro to Comp Science- LabMathiesonT1:05pm-2:35pmSCI 240
21BIntro to Comp Science- LabMauskopT2:45pm-4:15pmSCI 240
21CIntro to Comp Science- LabMathiesonW1:15pm-2:45pmSCI 240
21DIntro to Comp Science- LabWicentowskiW3:00pm-4:30pmSCI 240
3101Intro to Comp SystemsNewhallTTH1:15pm-2:30pmSCI 199
31AIntro to Comp Systems- LabNewhallW10:30am-12:00pmClothier 16
31BIntro to Comp Systems- LabMauskopW1:15pm-2:45pmSCI 256
31CIntro to Comp Systems- LabMauskopW3:00pm-4:30pmSCI 256
3501Data Structures and AlgDannerMWF9:30am-10:20amSCI 181
3502Data Structures and AlgGagneTTH11:20am-12:35pmSCI 199
35AData Structures/Alg-LabDannerM1:15pm-2:45pmClothier 16
35BData Structures/Alg-LabDannerM3:00pm-4:30pmClothier 16
35CData Structures/Alg-LabGagneT1:05pm-2:35pmClothier 16
35DData Structures/Alg-LabGagneT2:45pm-4:15pmClothier 16
4101AlgorithmsFontesMWF10:30am-11:20amSCI 183
4102AlgorithmsWiedenbeckMWF11:30am-12:20pmSCI 181
41AAlgorithms- LabFontesTH1:05pm-2:35pmClothier 16
41BAlgorithms- LabFontesTH2:45pm-4:15pmClothier 16
41CAlgorithms- LabWiedenbeckF2:15pm-3:45pmClothier 16
41DAlgorithms- LabWiedenbeckF4:00pm-5:30pmClothier 16
4301Computer NetworksWebbT,TH2:40pm-3:55pmSCI 101
43AComputer Networks- LabWebbF2:15pm-3:45pmSCI 256
43BComputer Networks- LabWebbF4:00pm-5:30pmSCI 256
6601Machine LearningSoniT,TH11:20am-12:35pmSCI 181
66AMachine Learning- LabSoniTH1:05pm-2:35pmSCI 256
66BMachine Learning- LabSoniTH2:45pm-4:15pmSCI 256
7101Software EngineeingPalmerT,TH9:55am-11:10amSCI 181
71ASoftware Engineering- LabPalmerW1:15pm-2:45pmClothier 16
71BSoftware Engineering- LabPalmerW3:00pm-4:30pmClothier 16
8101Adaptive RoboticsMeedenT, TH1:15pm-2:30pmSCI L26
81AAdaptive Robotics- LabMeedenM1:15pm-2:45pmSCI 256
81BAdaptive Robotics- LabMeedenM3:00pm-4:30pmSCI 256
99ASenior ComprehensiveSTAFFTBA