Swarthmore College Department of Computer Science

2005-06 cs events & talks

event: 2006 spring picnic
date: wednesday, may 3

time: 4 pm
where: sci center courtyard

All CS students are invited and encouraged to come to the spring picnic!

event: Andrew Danner talk
date: Wednesday April 5

time: 4:15 pm
where: SciCtr 240

Andrew Danner will talk about Scalable Algorithms for Terrain Analysis and GIS. Cookies and beverages at 4pm.

event: Workshop with Chuck Groom
date: Saturday, April 1

time: 4:30 to 6:00pm
where: SciCtr 240

Chuck Groom '00 will be holding a workshop on skills useful in getting hired, such as interviewing, resume creation, and company targeting.

event: Joshua Steinhurst talk
date: Thursday, 30 March

time: 4:30pm
where: SciCtr 240

Joshua Steinhurst will talk about Practical Photon Mapping in Hardware. Cookies and beverages at 4pm.

event: Marian Petre talk
date: Wednesday, 29 March

time: 4:30pm
where: SciCtr 240

Dr. Marian Petre will talk about Expert Software Designers: How They Imagine and Visualize Software. Cookies and beverages at 4pm.

event: Daniel Bilar talk
date: Friday, 24 March 2006

time: 4:30pm
where: SciCtr 240

Daniel Bilar will talk about Playing around with information (Quantitative Security Risk Analysis). Cookies and beverages at 4pm.

event: Brent Heeringa talk
date: Thursday, 23 February

time: 4:30pm
where: CS 240

Brent Heeringa, from the University of Massachusetts, will talk about Approximating Optimal Binary Decision Trees. Cookies and beverages at 4pm.

event: Elaine Huang talk
date: monday, feb 20, 2006

time: 3pm
where: main cs lab (240)

Elaine Huang ('98) will be here from Georgia Tech to give a talk about Making Things Fit: Large Shared Displays for Supporting Workgroup Interactions. The talk starts at 3pm, with cookies and beverages after the talk at 4pm.

event: David Hovemeyer talk
date: friday, feb 10, 2006

time: 4:30pm
where: cs main lab (240)

David Hovemeyer will be giving a talk about FindBugs--a static bug-finder for Java programs. Cookies and beverages at 4pm.

event: Vic Zandy talk
date: monday, nov 28

time: 11:30 am
where: cs main lab

Vic Zandy, a research scientist at the IDA Center for Computing Sciences, will present An Introduction to Plan 9.

event: Aravind Srinivasan talk
date: tuesday, nov 8

time: 4 pm
where: main cs lab (240)

Aravind Srinivasan from the University of Maryland will be hereto give a talk titled An Invitation to Randomized Algorithms.

event: David Liben-Nowell talk
date: tuesday, oct 18, 2005

time: 4:15 pm
where: main cs lab (240)

David Liben-Nowell, from Carleton College, will present a talk about "small-world phenomena" with the title GEOGRAPHIC ROUTING IN SOCIAL NETWORKS.

event: Bryn Mawr talk
date: Friday, September 16

time: 3:45 pm
where: BMC Park Science, Room 338

"Living in a Peta-flop World" -- Pat Miller, Center for Applied Scientific Computing at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Consulting Professor at Stanford University's Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering, will talk about old models of programming and new petaflop architectures (machines with hundreds of thousands of processors). He will discuss Livermore's Petascale Simulation Initiative which is developing new MPMD programming models; pyMPI, his parallel tool for interacting with thousands of processors; and his hobby project -- Science by FlashMob, which lets scientists cheaply and quickly create small to moderate sized parallel computer clusters.

event: vim tips and tricks
date: tuesday, september 13

time: 4:30 pm
where: main cs lab (240)

Ben Kuperman will talk on useful things that you can do in vim that you might not already know. He will focus on basic editing and programming tools. We'd like it to be interactive, so bring those questions and "gee, I wish I could make it do X" issues and we'll get it solved! Vim users of any experience level should feel free to attend and join in to both learn and share.

event: cs brown bag lunches
date: mondays

time: 12:20 - 1:15
where: main cs lab (240)

Bring your lunch and come hear talks by CS faculty and students. First one is Sept. 5: Meet the SysAdmins. See Tia'sCS Lunch page for more details and the fall 2005 schedule.

event: root beer floats
date: friday, september 2

time: 4 pm
where: science center courtyard

Come meet the CS department faculty and staff. Join us for root beer floats and ice cream. All students in or interested in CS are welcome. If it's raining, we'll meet in the main CS lab (240).

event: using unix sessions
date: tues afternoon, wed night

time: tues 4-5pm, wed 8-9pm
where: main cs lab (240)

If you're a CS student that is new to unix, come learn what you need from the sysadmins. The first week we'll cover the basics (Using Unix 1), and the second week we'll cover a bit more (Using Unix 2). See our Using Unix page for more info.

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