Have you ever wondered ...

  • what research goes on in the CS department?
  • what it is like to work on a summer research project?
  • who the CS sysadmins are and what they do?
  • what CS graduate school is like, and how to apply?
  • which CS professors can huck a frisbee?

or are you interested in...

  • discussing CS related issues (ethics, privacy issues, etc.)?
  • learning about CS topics not normally covered in classes (quantum computing, the details of the latest worm, etc.)?
  • getting to know other students and CS faculty better?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you should attend CS Lunches.

CS Lunches are held every Monday from 12:20 to 1:15pm in the CS Lab (240 Sci. Center).
Presentations start at 12:30.

If you are on the meal plan, you can sign-up for brown bag lunch delivery to any CS Lunch if you do so by noon on the preceding Friday. Sign up outside the CS office.

CS Lunches are a forum for learning about and discussing CS related topics, and for getting to know CS students and faculty better. Any student taking any CS course, or any student who is just interested in CS, is encouraged to attend (you do not need to be a CS major or minor). We particularly encourage first & second year students to join us.

If you are interested in presenting a topic or leading a discussion of some topic, please contact Professor Newhall.

Fall 2005 Schdule

week 2 (9/5)   Meet the Sysadmins   Jeff Knerr and
  student CS sysadmins
week 3 (9/12)   The Power of a Pebble in Computation   Andy Drucker
week 4 (9/19)   Computer Security: Audit Log Generation with Interposable Libraries   Mustafa Paksoy
week 5 (9/26)   CS graduate school information panel   The CS faculty
week 6 (10/3)   Reliability for Nswap   Alex Pshenichkin and Dan Amato
FALL BREAK (10/10)    
week 7 (10/17)   Social Lunch  
week 8 (10/24)   Minimally Supervised Analysis of Multilingual Verb Morphology   Scott Blaha and Connie Li
week 9 (10/31)   The Babybot Experiment: a Developmental Approach to A.I.   Ben Turner and Ethan Jucovy
week 10 (11/7)   No Lunch this week (talk Tues. 4pm instead)  
week 11 (11/14)   Social Lunch -
week 12 (11/21)   Social Lunch -
week 13 (11/28)   meet a CS Research Scientist Vic Zandy, IDA/CCS

CS Lunch Schedules from Previous Years

Information for Presenters:

Lunch talks will begin at 12:30 and be approximately 35 minutes long. You should plan about a 30 minute long talk, which will leave about 5 minutes for questions.

We need the following information from you by the Tuesday the week before your talk (Grab a copy of the cslunchabstract.html file, add this information to it, and send it to Professor Newhall):

  1. Your name
  2. The title of your talk
  3. The abstract of your talk (short paragraph describing the main idea of your talk)
Also, we encourage you to make up your own flyer announcing your talk. You can use this powerpoint document as a starting point: cslunchposter.ppt. (We need your poster by the Tuesday before your talk).

If you are a summer research student, both your advisor and I will be happy to help you organize your talk. In addition, here is some more information about how to prepare a talk:

Guidelines & Tips for Preparing a Technical Talk
Although this is written for students preparing an honors thesis talk, most of it is applicable to any technical presentation. It also includes links to other sources of advice on preparing and giving a talk.