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access to cs network blocked

Q: I can’t access any of the CS computers. Help!

A: It’s possible your computer’s IP address has been added to our firewall’s blocklist. This is sometimes caused by many failed login attempts.

Please open a browser and search for “what is my ipv4 address”. That should give you a string with 4 numbers and 3 dots, like or (your numbers will be different).

Send that ipv4 address string to us (sysadmins at cs.swarthmore.edu) and we will make sure you are not being blocked by our firewall.

firefox already running

Q: Firefox says it is already running. How can I fix this?

A: Try running our killfox script to kill off the old process. Just open a terminal window and type


and answer y to kill the old firefox process.

over quota

Q: I’m over my quota. Why?

A: Try running our dsu command to see what’s taking up space.

See also:

pokemon resolution

Q: My desktop looks weird in the C16 lab

A: Try running our fpsr command if your desktop looks weird on the C16 (pokemon) machines.

See also:

fastest machines

Q: Which lab machines are the fastest?

A: Our Machine Specs Page can help you find which machines have the most memory or the best graphics cards.

We also have monitoring graphs on status if you want to see the load or memory usage on any lab machine.


Q: The printer isn’t working!

A: If a printer seems stuck, take a look at the jobs in the print queue. You should be able to delete any jobs that are stuck, allowing other jobs to go through.

recover file

Q: I deleted an important file. Help!

A: See our snapshots page for how to get a file back from the snapshots we do every 4 hours.

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