Swarthmore College Department of Computer Science

2008-09 cs events & talks

event: spring picnic
date: may 6, 2009

time: 3:30pm
where: science center

CS/Math/Stat Sundae Wednesday will be on May 6. All CS/Math/Stat students are welcome. Come have some ice cream and cake before finals!

event: James L McClelland talk
date: Wednesday, April 22

time: 4:30 pm
where: Mendel Science Center 154 (Villanova)

James L McClelland of Stanford University will talk about Does Your Brain Use Symbols or Distributed Representations.

event: Jennifer Golbeck talk
date: Wednesday, March 18

time: 4:30 pm
where: Koshland INSC, Hilles 109 Haverford College

Jennifer Golbeck of University of Maryland, College Park will talk about Computing with Social Trust: Web Algorithms, Social Networks, and Recommendations.

event: John Rieffel talk
date: tuesday, april 14

time: 4:15pm
where: main lab (240)

John Rieffel will talk about What Caterpillars and Camping Tents Can Teach Us About Soft Robotics.

event: Bernard Chazelle talk
date: Friday, Feb 6th

time: 4pm
where: Room 338, Park Science Building, Bryn Mawr

Bernard Chazelle of Princeton University will talk about What an iPod, a Flock of Birds, and Your DNA have in Common. This is a FLICS talk.

event: CS97 projects (Fall 2008)

Check out the fabulous projects our current senior majors did for their CS97 class: http://www.swarthmore.edu/news/perception.

event: Eric Roberts talk
date: Thursday, November 6, 2008

time: 7:30 P.M.
where: Science Center 101

Eric Roberts of Stanford University will talk about Programming and the Computer Science Curriculum: The More Things Change.... This is a FLICS talk.

event: Jason Dobies talk
date: Tuesday, October 7

time: 4:30 pm
where: Mendel Science Center 154 (Villanova)

Jason Dobies of Red Hat will talk about Open Source Software: The Who, What, Where, When and Why.

event: ice cream friday
date: sept 5

time: 3:30
where: sci cntr courtyard

All CS/Math/Stat students are welcome! Come have some ice cream with the CS and Math/Stat departments.

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