CS81 — Adaptive Robotics
Fall 2017

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Class information

Class: T, TH 1:15–2:30 SCI L26
Lab A: M 1:15–2:45 SCI 256
Lab B: M 3:00–4:30 SCI 256

Professor: Lisa Meeden
Office: Science Center 243
Phone: 328-8565


This seminar will examine ways of making robots be more adaptive. We will investigate methods that allow robots to learn about themselves and their environment by autonomously exploring what they can achieve rather than being told how to behave. We will focus on machine learning approaches including evolutionary robotics, developmental robotics, unsupervised learning, reinforcement learning, and deep learning. This is a discussion-based course that relies on students doing a close reading of assigned research papers and coming to class prepared to actively engage with the material.

Goals for the course



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Paper Responses

Each class meeting will typically focus on one paper. Prepare for class by reading the assigned paper and writing a response in the format described below.


Final Papers