Bryce Wiedenbeck


Fall 2017 Schedule

  CS63: Artificial Intelligence   M/W/F 9:30–10:20   SCI 181
  CS63 Lab A   Wed 1:15–2:45   Clothier 016
  CS63 Lab B   Fri 3:00–4:30   Clothier 016
  Office Hours   Mon/Tue 1:30–4:00, Thu 10:00–12:00   SCI 262
  Research Hours   Friday 11–5  

Past Courses

Research Overview

My research on computational game theory lies at the boundary of economics and computer science. Game theory, traditionally a subfield of economics, uses mathematical models to study interactions among multiple independent strategic decision makers. I use game theory to study mult-agent interactions that arise in artificial intelligence and other areas of computer science. I also use computer science techniques to extend the reach of game-theoretic models. With agent-based simulations, the task of constructing a normal-form game model can be simplified and even automated. With machine learning, game models and equilibrium computation can generalize from incomplete data. If you are a student who is interested in working on these problems, please stop by my office or send me an email.


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