Swarthmore College Department of Computer Science

problem with user home directories

Since our upgrade of allspice on Jan 5, we have been having trouble with automount, which automatically mounts user home directories to /home/username. Some users have logged into allspice and found they had no home directory. If this happens to you, please send us an email at . Your files are still there, and we can easily mount them manually. Some users have also found that their home directories are fine on a client/lab machine, even if they are not ok on allspice.

We are, of course, trying to fix this problem, but it might take a few days. We will post a note in /etc/motd and at the cs news web page when it has been solved.

Please note: if you are depending on allspice to forward important emails to another account, please check your mail spool on allspice every now and then, until the above problem is resolved. If your home directory is not mounted, allspice will not be able to use your .forward file, and your mail will remain on allspice (in /var/mail/username).