Swarthmore College Department of Computer Science

ACM programming contest, 2011 info

The Association of Computing Machinery holds a collegiate programming contest each year. The date for the Fall 2011 contest has not yet been set, but we're planning to compete.

During Spring 2011, we meet to practice contest problems about twice a month on Wednesday nights, and we'll meet more frequently (~weekly) as the competition nears in the fall. These practice sessions are open to anyone who has taken or who is currently taking CS35.

If you are interested in the ACM programming contest but cannot attend the practices this spring, please email Charlie Garrod to join our team's mailing list. Even if you aren't sure you want to compete, these sessions are a great way to improve your programming and general problem-solving skills.

More information about this year's world finals and last year's regional qualifying competition are at http://cm.baylor.edu/welcome.icpc and http://www.radford.edu/acm/midatl/index.html, respectively.