Swarthmore College Department of Computer Science

programming contest -- 2006 results

We took 6 students to the ACM Regional Programming Contest this past Saturday: Madeleine Abromowitz '10, E.B. Fouts '07, Anne- Marie Frassica '09, Anthony Manfredi '07, Sam Schoenholz '10, and Bryce Wiedenbeck '08. The 6 students were broken into two teams: Madeleine, E.B. and Anne-Marie formed "Swarthmore One", and Anthony, Sam and Bryce formed "Swarthmore Two".

In the region, "Swarthmore Two" finished 12th and "Swarthmore One" finished 15th (out of 102).

2006 plaque At the Johns Hopkins site, "Swarthmore Two" finished 1st, and "Swarthmore One" finished 3rd (out of something between 16 and 20). For our 1st place finish, we received a "Best on Site" plaque. We'll get the participants to sign the plaque and display it in the overflow lab with our other plaques.

For reference, both teams submitted correct answers to two of the eight questions. "Swarthmore Two" answered both questions in 173 minutes. "Swarthmore One" answered both questions in 209 minutes. "Swarthmore One" also submitted incorrect solutions to two other questions. E.B. Fouts reported that her fingers just couldn't type the solution to the final question fast enough!

We all had a great time and we're ready to try again next year. Some pictures from this year's contest are on our swat cs images page.