CS81 Developmental Robotics

CS81 Developmental Robotics

Spring 2003
Section 1: Wednesdays 1:15-4:00, Sproul 300
Section 2: Mondays 1:15-4:00, Sproul 300

Lisa Meeden, Sproul 1, extension 8565, meeden AT cs.swarthmore.edu
Office hours: Thursdays 1-4, or by appointment

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Course description

This course will focus on the special topic of developmental robotics, a newly emerging paradigm of research. The goal of this research is to create intelligent robots by allowing them to go through a developmental process, rather than being directly programmed by human engineers. By endowing a robot with an appropriate initial control architecture and adaptive mechanisms, it learns through continual interactions with the world, developing self-organized mental structures. We will be studying the following sorts of questions. What should be innate in the robot? What adaptive mechanisms are needed? What motivates the robot to act? Would such a system need emotions?

The course is made-up of two components: seminar discussions and laboratory work. Each class meeting, we will spend the first half having a discussion about the assigned readings and the second half experimenting with various robot control methods.

Books & Readings



Your day to bring food for seminar break is indicated in the appropriate section column in the table below.

1 1/20 1/22 Introduction none - Introduction
2 1/27 Dave 1/29 Renuka Development Rethinking Innateness Preface & Ch. 1 Drop/add ends Friday 1/31 DirectControl
3 2/3 Matt 2/5 Julie Connectionism Rethinking Innateness Ch. 2
Fodor's review of the book
- NeuralNetworks
4 2/10 Jonah 2/12 Ross Connectionist Applications Rethinking Innateness Ch. 3
- SelfOrganizingMap
Khepera SOM vision experiments
5 2/17 Lisa 2/19 Elizabeth Object Permanence and Labeling Images Week 5 papers Midterm project assigned Midterm Project
6 2/24 Andy 2/26 Eric Developmental robotics Week 6 papers - Continue midterm project
7 3/3 Dan 3/5 Branen Extracting information from sensory data Week 7 papers Midterm project due by 3pm, Friday 3/7 Finish midterm project
- - - Spring Break 3/10-3/14 - - Retry or extend an experiment from midterm
8 3/17 Feng 3/19 Yee Lin Evolutionary Robotics Week 8 papers - -
9 3/24 Fritz 3/26 Lisa Interaction between learning and evolution Week 9 papers Last day to withdraw Friday 3/28 EvolutionaryAlgorithms
10 3/31 Jeremy 4/2 Andrew Evolving robot brains and bodies Week 10 papers Project proposals due in class -
11 4/7 Ben 4/9 Laura Extracting information from prediction
Week 11 papers - -
12 4/14 Hollis 4/16 Kuzman Embodied evolution Week 12 papers - Multirobot
13 4/21 Andy 4/23 Sven Projects Monday Presentations:
Jeremy and Jonah
Feng and Kuzman
Wenesday Presentations:
Laura and Renuka
Julie and Ross
Kuzman and Feng
Presentation guidelines
Final project tips
14 4/28 Lisa 4/30 Ryan Projects Monday Presentations:
Dan and Ben
Fritz and Hollis
Dave and Andy
Wednesday Presentations:
YeeLin and Andrew
Ryan and Elizabeth
Sven and Matt
Finals - - No final exam. - Project due by 9am, Monday 5/19 -

Week 5 Papers

Week 6 Papers

Week 7 Papers

Week 8 Papers

Week 9 Papers

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