CS63 — Artificial Intelligence
Fall 2007

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be defined as the branch of computer science that is concerned with the automation of intelligent behavior.

Goals for the course

Class information

Room: Science Center 246
Time: Tuesday, Thursday 2:40pm–3:55pm

Professor: Lisa Meeden
Office: Science Center 243
Phone: 328-8565
Office hours:Wednesday 2-4pm or by appointment

Readings: We will be reading a selection of chapters from AI textbooks as well as articles from the primary literature. Some of these materials are available online, and can be found as links in the schedule below. The remaining materials are available in binders and can be picked up at the CS department office. Complete reading list


1 Sep 04   Foundations of AISuccess of AI Learn python
Sep 06  
Sep 11 Quiz 1 Search
  • Russell and Norvig, Ch. 3
1: State space search
Sep 13 Drop/Add ends (Sep 14)
Sep 18   Informed search
  • Russell and Norvig, Ch. 4
2: A* search
Sep 20  
Sep 25 Quiz 2 Evolutionary search 3: Genetic algorithm
Sep 27  
Oct 02   Adversarial search: Game playing
  • Russell and Norvig, Ch. 6
  • Schaeffer article
4: Minimax search
Oct 04  
Oct 09 Quiz 3 Success of AI Game tournament
Oct 11  

Oct 16

Fall Break

Oct 18

Oct 23   Neural networks
  • Munakata, Ch. 2
5: Back propagation
Oct 25  
Oct 30 Quiz 4 Advanced networks None
Nov 01  
Nov 06   Reinforcement learning
  • Tesauro article
6: Learning to play TicTacToe
Nov 08 Last day to declare CR/NC or withdraw with a W (Nov 09)
Nov 13 Quiz 5 Embodied approach None
Nov 15  
Nov 20   Emergence
  • Braitenberg, Chs. 1-6
7: Simulated vehicles

Nov 22

Thanksgiving Break

Nov 27 Quiz 6 Behavior-based robots 8: Subsumption
Challenge results
Nov 29  
Dec 04   Learning robots None
Dec 06  
Dec 11   Review

Dec 20

Final 2-5pm


Your overall grade in the course will be determined as follows:
5%Class Participation
20%Final Exam

Homework policy

All programming assignments will be done in Python.

Programming assignments will typically be assigned in class at the end of the week and will be due before noon the following Friday. You are strongly encouraged to start early.

You will submit your assignments electronically using the handin63 program. You may submit your assignment multiple times, but each submission overwrites the previous one and only the final submission will be graded. Late assignments will not be accepted unless you contact me before the deadline. Even if you do not fully complete an assignment, you may submit what you have done to receive partial credit.

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