Design and Analysis of Algorithms

LaTeX Resources

Writing homework solutions is not required for this course; however, it is a good skill to learn. If you plan on going to graduate school and/or publishing papers in the future, you will end up writing in latex. On this page, I give some resources and links to good latex tutorials.

For most latex files, you should be able to compile a latex file using e.g. 'pdflatex foo.tex'. As with other compilable programs like C++, you migth get some compilation errors.

  • Tom Cormen's clrscode style file. This is what Cormen, Leierson, Rivest, and Stein use to write CLRS.
  • This file contains many macros that might be useful for writing homework assignments. I use this file to write lab and homework assignments and will maintain and add to this file as the course progresses.
  • A sample homework solution for the Cowpath problem, annotated with notes on what I look for in a homework assignment. The compiled version of this file is here.

LaTeX Tutorials

Below are some good latex tutorials. If you just need to know a simple command or two, googling "latex " often gets you just what you need.