June 2010 :: Just packed up my office. It’s been an amazing two years: great classes, amazing students and tons of research. I’m now headed back to my hometown where I will be starting as an assistant professor in CS at Ithaca College.

June 2010 :: At ICMC where Jānis is presenting his work on analyzing promotional photos and album covers for music classification. Check out our Artist Image Browser.

May 2010 :: Youngmoo Kim and I received another NSF Research opportunity award for a second summer of collaboration. Ashley will be funded by a special Swarthmore Alum grant.

March 2010 :: At ACM MIR presenting papers by Ashley Oudenne and Derek Tingle as well as co-chairing a special session on Multimodal Music-IR.

March 2010 :: Jānis Lībeks paper that explores the role of “image” in popular music was accepted to ICMC 2010

Feb 2010 :: A nice article in the Swarthmore Phoenix on how “ChesTech aids Chester with Computer Access”

Jan 2010 :: Just returned from the NEMISIG where my students presented demos and posters on autotagging music, Meerkat, the BeatSyncMashCoder, and the Artist Image Browser.

Dec 2009 :: Our BeatSyncMashCoder paper was accepted to IEEE ICASSP 2010 in Dallas.

Dec 2009 :: CS 91 students launch ChesTech Community Computer Labs website!

Nov 2009 :: ACM MIR 2010 promises to be a busy conference:

    Music Annotation with “Acoustically-Objective” Tags paper with Derek Tingle & Youngmoo Kim

    Meerkat demo with Ashley Oudenne & Youngmoo Kim

    Multimodal Music Information Retrieval special session co-organized with Dan Ellis & Youngmoo Kim

Nov 2009 :: will be organizing 2 birds-of-a-feather discussion sessions at SIGCSE 2010

    Computer Science Activism in Under-Resourced Communities with Semmy Purewal

    Connecting Computer Science Education and Music with Bill Manaris & Jesse Heines

Oct 2009 :: Derek Tingle won the best student poster award at the Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges - Eastern Conference.

Oct 2009 :: returned from the International Society for Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR) conference in Kobe, Japan where we presented two Swarthmore papers.

Aug 2009 :: spending time at the University of Botswana to learn about computer science education in the developing world.

July 2009 :: in Boston for ACM SIGIR. Talk on content-context music retrieval system. Student poster presentation on image annotation of products.

Summer 2009 :: Spending summer at Media.Entertainment.Lab with Youngmoo Kim courtesy of an NSF Research Opportunity Award.

May 2009 :: West Coast Lecture Tour - Stanford & Yahoo! Research.

May 2009 :: Meerkat Launch - Swarthmore’s powerful new semantic music discovery.

March 2009 :: At ACM SIGCSE for my first time.

Dec 2008 :: Swarthmore news piece about my senior research seminar on Computer Perception.

Oct 2008 :: Hosting ISMIR 2008 in my backyard. Presenting two Computer Audition Lab papers.

Sept 2008 :: Started teaching at Swarthmore College. So far so good...