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Swarthmore Student Research

Ashley Oudenne ’11

    Meerkat: Exploring Music Discovery User Interfaces

        Demo paper presented at ACM MIR ’10

Derek Tingle ‘10

    Reverse Engineering the Music Genome: Automatically Annotating Music with Tags

        Best Student Poster at CCSCE ’09

        Paper to be presented at ACM MIR ’10

Jānis Lībeks ’10

    Exploring ``Artist Image''  using Content-based Analysis of Promotional Photos

        Conference paper to be presented at ICMC ’10

          Journal paper under review

Garth Griffin ’09

    BeatSyncMashCoder :: a tool to mix beats :: old site

        Paper to be presented at ICASSP ’10

Brian Tomasik ’09

    Using Regression to Combine Data Sources for Semantic Music Discovery

        Presented at ISMIR ’09

Joon Hee Kim ’09

    Tag Propagation between Artists using Collaborative Filtering

        Presented at ISMIR ‘09

Brian Tomasik ’09 & Phyo Thiha ‘09

    Automatically Tagging Images of Products

       Presented at ACM SIGIR ’09

Prospective Students

If you are interested in getting involved in research, here are some ideas:

  1. *Develop a human computation game

  2. *Build a music discovery Site

  3. *Analyze sound using computers

  4. *Explore and invent your own ideas...