I just finished two years as a visiting assistant professor in the Computer Science Department at Swarthmore College near Philadelphia, PA.  I’m spending the summer doing research in the Media.Entertainment.Technology Lab at Drexel.  I’ll be headed to Ithaca College to start a new teaching position in the Fall.

Active Research Projects

Music Discovery Engines

Annotation Games

Music Mashups

Recent News

June 2010 :: Just packed up my office. It’s been an amazing two years: great classes, amazing students and tons of research. I’m now headed back to my hometown where I will be starting as an assistant professor in CS at Ithaca College. 

June 2010 :: At ICMC where Jānis is presenting his work on analyzing promotional photos and album covers for music classification. Check out our Artist Image Browser.

May 2010 :: Youngmoo Kim and I received another NSF Research opportunity award for a second summer of collaboration. Ashley Oudenne will join us and be funded by a special Swarthmore Alum grant.

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