CS21 Lab 7: Top-Down Design: text twist

Top-Down Design due first (Mar 22)!!!
Due 11:59pm Fri, 29 March 2013

Please read through the *entire* lab before starting! Also, as always, run update21 to create your cs21/labs/07 directory and create your programs for lab 7 in this directory.

Text Twist

Our lab this week and next is to write a game similar to Text Twist. This is a word game where the user is given 7 letters and has to make as many words as possible from the set of 7 letters. For example, given the letters peeteds, you can make 'deepest', 'speed', 'pets', and so on...

For this lab you will use top-down design. We are giving you two weeks to complete this program. However, we require your initial top-down design due this Friday (Mar 22) and the full implementation the following Friday (Mar 29).

Remember, for the design of a program, you should have:

Here is a simple example of a top-down design.

Examples, Requirements, and Tips

Here are some examples of text twist games to help you see how the game works:

You have some freedom in how you want your game to look. Here are our requirements for this game and lab:

Here are a few tips you may find useful...


Once you are satisfied with your program, hand it in by typing handin21 in a terminal window.