Fall 2021: Weekly schedule

T/Th 9:55-11:10am CPSC 031
T 4:30-5:15pm Ninja meeting
W 11:00-12:15am CEP
W 1:15-2:45pm CPSC 031.B
W 3:00-4:30pm CPSC 031.C
Th afternoon (TBD) Office Hours
Th 4:00-5:30pm Department meeting


My research area is in the area of computational linguistics, or natural language processing. I have focused my work in two major areas: computational morphology and semantic disambiguation.

To find out more about my work in computational linguistics, see:

For my doctoral thesis, I developed a multilingual, minimally supervised morphological analyzer for Spanish, Portuguese, French, Catalan, Occitan, Italian, Romanian, Latin, English, German, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Icelandic, Czech, Polish, Russian, Irish, Welsh, Greek, Hindi, Sanskrit, Estonian, Finnish, Turkish, Uzbek, Tamil, Basque, Tagalog, Swahili, and Klingon.

I have also published in areas outside of natural language processing:


Selected Past Courses