What problems can computers even solve, really?

LaTeX Resources

Writing homework solutions is required for this course. It is also a good skill to learn. If you plan on going to graduate school and/or publishing papers in the future, you will end up writing in latex. This page gives some resources and links to good latex tutorials.

For most latex files, you should be able to compile a latex file using e.g. 'pdflatex foo.tex'. As with other compilable programs like C++, you might get some compilation errors.

  • Tom Cormen's clrscode style file. This is what Cormen, Leierson, Rivest, and Stein use to write CLRS.

LaTeX Tutorials

Below are some good latex tutorials. If you just need to know a simple command or two, googling "latex " often gets you just what you need.

Looking for a symbol?

The extremely useful tool detexify lets you draw a symbol, and finds the corresponding LaTeX command.