Intro to Approaches to AI

Related to the goals of AI, although not in a one-to-one fashion, are the two major methodological approaches to AI. The first of these,


or Good Old Fashioned AI, uses formal symbolic logic to create intelligent systems. It has since become out of vogue due to its apparent inability to create behavior more intelligent than rather simple expert systems, and has been replaced by


which takes as its model the neuronal model apparently at work in the brain in which no one atomic unit possesses any intelligence, but the system as a whole shows intelligent behavior. These two approaches still fight for dominance in the field, and although connectionism is certainly leading at the moment, major criticisms have been levelled at it as well, criticisms which do not seem to have any immediate answers. The question of how to approach AI is critical to understanding its ethics, and in many ways it is the confusion of approaches that creates the ethical crisis AI seems to be in.