CS35: Data Structures and Algorithms

Fall 2017

Office hours

Students are welcome to and encouraged to attend faculty office hours, or email us for an appointment for assistance on course topics.

Ninja support

The CS Ninjas will assist us in our lab sessions and run study sessions in the main CS lab (Science Center 256) on Thursdays from 7-9PM and Saturdays from 2-4PM.

You are encouraged to participate in these study sessions to prepare for exams, to discuss programming concepts, and to get friendly assistance in working on lab assignments.

Ninjas are instructed to help guide you through any topics, but will not provide solutions/direct answers to programming problems. If you are having troubles with your programming assignment, please be prepared to describe what steps you have already taken to solve the problem. (The same goes for seeking help during office hours and/or on piazza). While our ninjas are dedicated, please do not seek them out outside of lab and ninja sessions - they are students just like you who need some off time to finish their own course work!


To provide additional help have we established a class discussion forum through Piazza. If you have questions outside of ninja sessions and office hours, you can post the question to the class and/or privately to the instructors through Piazza. This allows students to see common problems and to also engage in discussions about course topics. Students are expected to regularly check the discussion page and use this in place of emailing the instructors directly about course content and labs. In addition, students are expected to follow the posting policy outlined on Piazza. For example, you should not post solutions to homework/lab questions and your post will be deleted if it is attempting to fish debugging solutions without specific inquiries. Small snippets of 2-3 lines of code are permissible unless they give away a key point of the lab. Students are encouraged to respond to other student's questions as this will form part of your participation grade.

Please also review the guide for asking questions on Piazza.


If you are in need of additional assistance, and have already used the services above, a small number of student tutoring hours can be arranged with approval from the instructor.

Academic Accommodations

If you believe that you need accommodations for a disability, please contact the Office of Student Disability Services (Parrish 113W) or email studentdisabilityservices@swarthmore.edu to arrange an appointment to discuss your needs. As appropriate, the Office will issue students with documented disabilities a formal Accommodations Letter. Since accommodations require early planning and are not retroactive, please contact the Office of Student Disability Services as soon as possible. For details about the accommodations process, visit the Student Disability Service Website. You are also welcome to contact us privately to discuss your academic needs. However, all disability-related accommodations must be arranged through the Office of Student Disability Services.