Software Engineering

Project Overview Presentations

One week of class is set aside for project overview presentations. Each group will give a brief presentation of their project up to this point in the class. Your role as a student in the course with respect to these presentations is twofold: you will present during one of the available timeslots and you will observe the presentations from the other groups.


Your presentation time slot is twelve minutes; there will be a couple minutes between each presentation for setup and tear-down. You should plan to present during the bulk of that time (eight to ten minutes) with some time left over for questions. Your presentation should contain the following information:

Since you only have eight to ten minutes, you’ll need to be brief. You are strongly encouraged to practice your presentation before you deliver it to your classmates. Please note the following requirements:

An example of a presentation given in previous years appears here.


You also have an important role as a member of the audience. Attendance is required on presentation days, even if you are not presenting! Arriving late on presentation days will also be penalized, as it will interrupt the presentations.

Pay attention to the presentations of other groups. Even if they are not working on an application similar to yours, some of their design choices or problems may be similar to yours. You should be able to ask a question of each of the groups by the time their presentations have completed.