Software Engineering

Iteration 5: Working Core

Due on December 3rd at 11:59 PM.

The master branches of your group’s repository and wiki will be pulled at that time and its contents will be graded. Be sure that all materials – documentation, code, build instructions, etc. – are available in that repository. If some materials cannot be placed in that repository, contact your instructor for instructions on how to compensate.

Please be sure to follow appropriate etiquette when interacting with your group.


The goal for this iteration is to have a significant amount of your core functionality complete. There may still be bugs and corner cases you haven’t addressed (which should be documented in your issues list!). There may also be any number of extended features you haven’t yet implemented (or even started to consider). In this Iteration, the application should be starting to take form and look like something your users could use, even if it’s not really complete yet.

As with previous iterations, you must:


Store the above materials in your GitHub repository. The code you would like graded should be on the master branch of your repository as of the due date.

Iteration Review

You are also required to submit an iteration review which assesses the work you and your peers completed and whether things are going well for you in class. This review is private; its content will not be shared without your consent. Click here to submit your Iteration 5 review.

It is in your interest to provide honest feedback, even if that feedback isn’t the most generous or positive; if there’s a problem, your instructor needs to know!