CS65 Final project

Due NOON on Thursday, December 18th

This web page is meant to consolidate some of the information about what to turn in for the final project, when it's due, and what your paper should be about.

First, the final project has a hard deadline of December 18th at NOON. I will grant no extensions past December 18th.

Second, you must turn in your code using handin65. All of the code and supporting files must be in your lab/07 directory and should be runnable from any CS lab machine without requiring me to install extra software.

Third, you will write a 4-page paper. Not 3. Not 5. 4 pages. The format of the paper will be the same as the system description papers you read in Lab 8. You need to accurately and concisely describe what your system does and how well it performs using cross-validation on the training data. You will need to use the LaTeX style files for NAACL-HLT 2015. By running update65, you will get a new subdirectory in your lab/07 directory called naaclhlt2015. This contains the LaTeX style files for NAACL-HLT 2015. Use the Makefile to compile your paper. Your code and paper are both due on December 18th at noon, so I strongly urge you to write your paper early so that if you have any LaTeX issues you can talk with me and resolve them well in advance of the deadline. (Note that the text of the provided naaclhlt2015.tex file is largely irrelevant to you -- using the style files and the Makefile I provide you automatically causes your paper to conform to their standards.)

Fourth, there are 51 students in the class and approximately 25 different projects. I'm happy to help out with as much time as people need in the next 10 days or so, but if you wait until the last minute, I'm unlikely to be helpful. Not because I'm being mean, but because it just won't be possible to be helpful with only a few hours or even a day to work with. For that reason, I strongly encourage you to turn your code and paper in as early as possible. For many of you, you might already be done coding and you can use this time to be writing your paper. For others, I'd urge you to wrap things up so that you don't face a serious crunch near December 18th.

Finally, most of you (all of you?) are working only on subtask B. If you are working on subtask A, C, D, or E, let me know right away. In particular, the deadline for subtask E is December 14th, so I'll need your project before December 18th.

Any other questions? I'll try to keep a running FAQ below:


Q. Are there any questions in this FAQ yet?
A. Yes.

Q. Really? That's the only question so far?
A. Nope, there's this one, too.