CS37 Lab 01: Warmup programs

Due 11:59pm Sunday, January 27
  1. ssh into the CS lab machines (ssh username@lab.cs) and run update37 to download the skeleton file (lab01.rkt) for this week's lab. This file will be placed in your cs37/labs/01 directory. Exit your ssh session to the CS lab machines.
  2. Use fs username to mount your CS directory onto the iMacs in SC 256.
  3. Double click on the new drive on the desktop, navigate to your cs37/labs/01 directory and then double-click on lab01.rkt. All changes you make to the file will be saved in your CS account.
  4. You will need to ssh into the CS machines one more time to run handin37 when you are done with the whole lab.
Here are links to the questions in the lab01.rkt file which are in the book.
Once you are satisfied with your programs, hand them in by running handin37 on the CS lab machines. (You will need to ssh into those machines from SC 256.) You may run handin37 as many times as you like, and only the most recent submission will be recorded. This is useful if you realize after handing in some programs that you'd like to make a few more changes to them.