Homework 7

Due Monday, March 22
(You have all day Monday to work on it. One minute into Tuesday is too late.)

Use the following command to download the homework assignment:

allspice[~]% get35 Homework 6
For a cool extra credit extension, try incorporating your StringEditDistance class to find Lists of books that are close matches of your author, title or ISBN if the list of exact matches is empty.

Also, you should download Homework 5, but instead of doing an implementation, you should discuss the pros and cons of using an ArrayList to implement a Queue:

allspice[~]% get35 Homework 5
As an optional assignment, you may also turn in a solution to the "Lab 4" ReversePolish calculator.
allspice[~]% get35 Labs 4

P.S. Yes, I know it's homework 7 and it's in directory Homework/6 and Labs/4...