Homework 1

Due Monday, January 26 at midnight
(You have all day Monday to work on it. One minute into Tuesday is too late.)

For the method checkOut, the string parameter that you are passing is used to store the name of the person who wishes to check out the item

As with most of the homework and lab assignments in this class, you must first use the get35 program to copy necessary files to your directory. However, before you can run get35 for the first time, you must run the setup35 script. The setup35 scripts needs to be run only once during the entire semester.

To run the setup35 script, you need to type the following command in any terminal window:

Once you have run setup35, you need to run get35. The get35 script will copy files into one of your subdirectories. For example, Homework 1 files are copied into your CS35/Homework/1/ directory; Lab 3 files will be copied into your CS35/Labs/3/ directory. To run the get35 script, type the following command in any terminal window:

The get35 requires you to specify which files you want to copy and provides you feedback if you don't know what you need to do:

allspice[~]% get35
Usage: get35 <dir> <subdir>
Here are the valid entries for <dir>:

Homework  Labs  Lectures

allspice[~]% get35 Homework
Usage: get35 <dir> <subdir>
Here are the valid entries for <subdir>:


allspice[~]% get35 Homework 1
Files copied to /home/rwas/CS35/Homework:

-rw-r--r--    1 rwas     users        1935 Jan 20 07:35 README

You can now change to the Homework 1 directory (cd ~/CS35/Homework/1). Before you begin work, be sure to always read the accompanying README file which will contain the program specifications. You can use the command less to view any text file (ex. less README). To print out the README file, type: mpage -2 -PTheShredder README

Good luck!