CS 33: Computer Organization


LAB 01: Binary Numbers

Due 11:59pm Wednesday, Sept 10

The program handin33 will only submit files in the cs33/labs/01 directory. You should use the filename lab01.txt to store your answers.

For this first lab assignment, you should work on your own, not with a partner. See the note below about the odd-numbered solutions.

Complete the following exercises from the textbook:

  1. 2.4
  2. 2.8
  3. 2.10
  4. 2.11
  5. 2.15
  6. 2.18
  7. 2.20
  8. 2.21
  9. 2.23
  10. 2.30 a, c, e
  11. 2.33 b, d, f
  12. 2.34 a, d
  13. 2.37
  14. 2.45 a, d
  15. 2.46 c
  16. 2.48 b, d

Note that the solutions for all odd-numbered exercises are available from the textbook website. You are welcome to consult the solutions if necessary for any odd-numbered exercises above, but be sure you understand how to solve each of the exercises, regardless of how you arrived at the solution. You may also discuss the odd-numbered solutions with anyone in the class to help you (or them) understand the solution.