CS87: Project Work Week

Git Repo Push Due: Saturday Evening, April 14 before 11:59pm
The next week plus of class is solely devoted to you and your project group working on your course project. Our class and lab times are additional times in your schedule to add to your regular weekly work on your project, as is the lack of paper reading, reaction notes, and reading group tasks.

You should make substantial progress on your project over the week. In particular, this should be a week devoted to making large strides in the implementation of your project.

At the end of this week, Saturday evening, you will push to your project git repo all code you have written for your project so far and a README_PWW file describing what you accomplished this week (details below).

Week 12, your group will submit a short mid-way progress report and give a 10 minute presentation to the class introducing your project and discussing what you have done and where you are going ( midway presentation and report).

Additional Requirements

  1. I expect all groups to attend our regularly scheduled "lab" time on Thursday next week.
  2. Each group must sign-up for a group meeting with me next week. This is a time to discuss with me your progress, any changes to your project plan, and any difficulties you are having. I will have a sign-up sheet outside my office door for meeting times.
I also encourage you to take advantage of our class having Sci Cntr 240 scheduled on Monday afternoons; this is an opportunity to have an extended chunk of to work together on your poject.

Push to your Project git repo before the due date:

  1. In the source/ subdirectory, add all your project source files, and Makefile to build
    Do not add .o or executable files to your project git repo. You can edit your .gitignore file at the top of your Project repo adding in names of executable and other files git should ignore. Currently, for example, at the top of the .gitignore file are entries for the pdf version of the written parts of your project.
  2. In the source/ add a file named README_PWW with the following information:
    1. Tell me whether your code is build-able and runnable, and if so how to do both (command line examples).
    2. A list of your project plan from your project proposal that is annotated with notes about which parts of your plan you accomplished this week; tell me what you did this week, tell me what new parts were implemented, what new parts tested, etc. You may have an altered project plan from the one you submitted with your proposal, which is fine. Use the project plan that best fits your project now.

      You should have more details filled out than from your proposal plan that reflect what you have done and what changes you have made to your next steps.