CS87 Reading Groups, Spring 2018

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Assigned Readings

Reading Groups
These are the reading groups for the second half of the semester.

Lab A

Group 9 Caleb (cho2) Andrew (apowell1) Ryan (zshi1)
Group 10 Michael (mdavinr1) Maggie (meberts1) David (dlevy1) Shawn (xpan1)
Group 11 Brent (bjacobs1) Daniel (wpark1) Carlo (csivilo1)
Group 12 Alex (amandel1) Pepper (swang5) Tiffany (tyu2)

Lab B

Group 13 Kei (kimada1) Cristian (cllop1) Liam (lpacker1)
Group 14 Do June (dmin1) Tai (twarner2) Eugene (ywu1) Annie (azhao2)
Group 15 Rachel (rdiamon1) Jonah (jlangli1) Becky (rnorlin1)
Group 16 Henry (hhan3) Jimmy (jshah1) Alan (zzhao1)