CS87 Project Presentations

Monday April 25: 240 Sci Center
  Teo and Shantanu   1:15   SmapReduce
  Ben   1:45   Nswap2L-FS: Incorporating file system support into Nswap2L
  Maria-Elena   2:15   Parallel Fourier Transform
  Brandon and Tahmid   3:00   Parallel Dynamic Programming (P vs. DP)
  Evelyn, Josh, Emilio   3:30   Parallelizing game tree search using a hybrid partitioning approach
  Michael   4:00   Optimizing memory allocators for multiprocessing

Tuesday April 26: 105 Sci Center
  Sophia, Jeff, Joe   1:00   The Big Sort
  Persis and Riley   1:30   backd: peer-to-peer file backup
  Andrew and Ben   2:00   Optimizing K-nearest neighbors using quad-tree and pthreads

Thursday April 27: 256 Sci Center
  Oscar, Mayank, Owen   1:00   GreenMon: a peer-to-peer cluster management system
  Joon and Jacob   1:30   Willow-cutting distributed hash table
  Martina and Simon   2:00   Merging 3D scan data in parallel
See the Final Project Report and Presentation page for details on how to structure your final project presentation.