CS21 Lab6: Project Work Week

Due: Sunday Evening April 8 before 11:59pm
Project Work Week
This week is solely devoted to you and your partner working on your course project. Our class and lab times are additional times in your schedule to add to your regular weekly work on your project, as is the lack of paper reading and reaction note prep for class.

You should make substantial progress on your project over the week. In particular, this should be a week devoted to making large strides in the implementation of your project.

At the end of this week, Sunday evening, you will submit a tar file containing all of the code you have for your project so far and a README file describing what you accomplished this week.

Create a tar file containing:
  1. All your project source files, and makefile to build.
  2. A README file with:
    1. You and your partner's names;
    2. Tell me whether your code is build-able and runnable, and if so how to do both (command line examples).
    3. A list of your project plan from your project proposal that is annotated with notes about which parts of your plan you accomplished this week; tell me what you did this week, tell me what new parts were implemented, what new parts tested, etc. You may have an altered project plan from the one you submitted with your proposal, which is fine. Use the project plan that best fits your project now.
I'd suggest creating a handin directory and copying all these things into it, then tar up your handin directory..

One of you or your partner should submit your tar file by running cs87handin.

If cs87handin is not working, email me your tar file as an attachment using gmail, swatmail, etc.