CS87: Mid-Way Project Report and Presentation

Due: Thursday April 12 in class
Project Progress Report
Prepare a one or two page written progress report containing the following:
  1. A project schedule with milestones and dates annotated with information indicating which parts you have completed, which parts you are currently working, and which parts you have yet to start.. Be specific about what you are going to do (or have done), what you have left to do, and in what order you plan to do these things.

  2. One paragraph describing any difficulties you have encountered so far and how you plan to resolve them (or how you did reslove them). If you don' t know how to resolve them or have some ideas but have not completely figured it out yet, then explicitly tell me this so that I can try to suggest some solutions.
Project Progress Presentation
In class on Thursday, each group will give a 10 minute presentation that briefly discuss their project's progress (the two items above).

You should have a few slides that:

  1. Introduce your project to your classmates.
  2. List the milestones you have met and the ones you have left to do.
  3. List any problems you have encountered along the way.

Use this as an opportunity to introduce your classmates to your project and to get some feedback from your classmates on some of the work you have done and have left to do.

Add your talk slides to the CS87 class wiki prior to your presentation.

Presentation Schedule

Time Group
11:20 Chloe and Kyle
11:30 Jordan and Luis
11:40 Sam and Niels
11:55 Nick and Phil
12:05 Steven and Elliot
12:15 Katherine and Ames