Course Project

The goal of this project is to give you a taste of what it is like to do research: first you will find and refine a project topic organized around a general problem to solve, this will require some examination of related work (resulting in an annotated bibliography); second, you will come up with an initial solution to the problem and a plan for implementing your solution; third, you will implement your plan, possibly modifying it as need be; fourth, you will evaluate your solution though some type of verification or testing process; finally, you will convey the results of your work to others both in written form and through an oral presentation.

Since this is a project spanning the second half of the course, it should be a substantial amount of work. You can choose from a very broad range of projects, but your project must have something to do with parallel or distributed computing, it must have some implementation and some experimentation parts, and it must have some component that looks like science; there should be a general question that you are trying to answer though your project.

I strongly encourage you to work in groups of 2 or 3.

Project Proposal AND Annotated Bibliography (includes some project ideas)

Due Friday, March 26 at the beginning of class
Counts towards 5% of your final grade

Mid-way Oral and Written Progress Report

Due: week 11
Counts towards 5% of your final grade

Written Project Report, Presentation, and Demo

Oral Project Presentations in class during weeks 13 and 14
Written Final Project Report due Monday. May 10 before noon
Project Demo
Counts towards 30% of your final grade


Tips for Research and Writing
Tools for creating Documents (latex, bibtex, and others)