CS45 Weekly Lab: week 3

Virtual Box and Building Linux Kernels from Source
Together we are going to set-up the envirotment for doing Linux kernel lab assignments: (1) set-up your VirtualBox environment; (2) and try compiling, installing and booting a linux kernel in a virtualbox VM.

You and your partner will be assigned a new joint account that you will use just for CS45 Linux kernel lab assignments (we will remove these accounts sometime shortly after the semester is over). You will also be assigned a specific CS lab machine on which you will do your Linux labs. You will run virtualbox only on your assigned machine and use /local on that machine to store your Linux source code VirtualBox VM image files. And, use git for revision control and to ensure back-up of your work.

  1. First, look for your partner and machine assignment here: Lab partners and machine assignments.
  2. Second, get a new account form from me with the name of your shared CS45 account. Fill out the user agreement form with both your names and sign it.
  3. Third, remotely log in to your assigned machine using this new account (pick a password for the account together):
    ssh -X cs45X@your_assigned_machine_name
  4. Then you will follow along as I step you through setting up and running virtualbox and compiling, installing and booting a Linux kernel: VirtualBox guide for CS45

    The result should be setting up a working directory structure on your assigned machine that looks something like this (created using your shared CS45 account):

        /                                 |                       \     
    ubuntu-12.04.3-STARTHERE/       linux-             lab2 
    (virtualbox image)              (linux source)               (cloned git repo)
                                     you will do your            copies of linux  
                                     kernel dev here             files you modify 
                                                                 and test programs