Information about the Midterm

Midterm Content
The exam covers everything I've covered from week 1 through week 7 of class. You are responsible for all material I covered in lecture, for any in-class small group work, and homework assignments. The exam will not focus on details from lab assignment, however, you should also know the basics of how some functionality of the shell lab is implemented to create process to execute some different command lines. For example, you should know the basics of fork-exec, wait, pipes, I/O redirection. I don't care about your knowing all the right parameters to specific system calls (although key ones are important to know or describe to me in any code you write). I will not ask you questions about Linux kernel code.

Tips for Studying
The best way to study is to review your lecture notes, review the assigned reading, go over problems we did in class, go over homework problems and other try some other problems from the book.

You should know definitions, be able to apply what you know to solve problems, discuss implemetation issues and goals, discuss trade-offs in different solutions and explain WHY a solution/approach is good or not.

I encourage you to do some studying in small groups. Going over problems and discussing answers together is a great way to prepare for the exam.

A few exam taking tips