CS45 Wednesday lab weeks 4

Setting up Qemu

We are going to set-up your qemu environment, and try compiling, installing and booting a linux kernel.

You and your partner will set up your QEMU environment in /local on one of the machines in the overflow lab. Start by ssh'ing into your machine (do ssh -X machine_nameto enable X forwarding.)

Qemu Machine Assignments
orange : Steven H. and Kevin P. cucumber: Stromme and Nick F. clove : Catie and Niels
cream : Christina and Kevin Li fennel : Jonathan and Elliot dill : Nick R. and Greg T.
cheese : Peter and Greg R. parsley : Jacob and Luis vanilla : Allen and Sam W.
salt : Sam C. and Steve D. perilla : Katherine and Becca sumac : Ben and Phil

We are going to follow the instruction in the: QEMU guide for CS45