CS44 Weekly Lab: week 6

Lab 3 checkpoint demo
Just a reminder of some example programs related to C and C++ strings, and mapping strucutres into memory from last week's Monday lab

This week is devoted to working on the HeapPage lab. Your group will:

  1. quickly demo Checkpoint functionality: briefly show me your test 2 code and run your program, showing me that it passes test1 and test2.

    While you are waiting to do your demo, keep working on Lab3. You can copy the version of your executable file to demo to another file until I get around to you, and they just run the demo_version for me:

    cp wiscdb_main demo_version
    # keep working on Lab3
  2. work on Lab 3

    If your group is stuck, add name to Q in front of room and I'll get to you first.

  3. Make sure to change definition of SIZE in page.h (line 119-122). It should be set to 8K, so change its definition to be 8192 (8K) and comment out its current smaller size definition, like this:
    static const std::size_t SIZE = 8192;   // set SIZE to 8K bytes
    // SIZE for testing
    // static const std::size_t SIZE =
    //     sizeof(PageHeader) + 10*sizeof(PageSlot) + 10*strlen("Hello!") + 5;