Homework #1

CS35 Spring 2002

Homework 1
Due: Thursday January 31st before 2am (very late Wednesday night)


You should work by yourself on this assignment.


  1. Auto, Car, Truck, and RunAuto Classes
  2. Exercise P-1.3 from the book: Birthday and RunBirthday Classes

Implementation Details and Classes


Using cs35handin, hand in a single tar file containing:
  1. All of the .java files necessary for compiling and running your solutions to Problems 1 and 2.
  2. A README file, listing for each Problem, the name of the class that contains the main function for the program.
  3. An optional Makefile (if you used a makefile for this assignment, please submit it as part of your tar file)
The cs35handin link off the cs35 homepage provides information about how to create a tar file and how to use cs35handin.