In Class: Week 12

Create a week12 subdirectory in your cs21/class directory:

      % cd 
      % cd cs21/class
      % pwd
      % mkdir week12       
Then, from within your week12 subdirectory copy over some python files from my public directory:
    % cd week12
    % pwd

    % cp ~newhall/public/cs21/week12/* .
    % ls

We are going to do some of the following together:
  1. open up and add a blackJackValue method function that returns the Black Jack value of the card. Here are the Black Jack values we are using:
  2. open up and complete the constructor that creates a deck of cards as a list of 52 Card objects of appropriate rank and suit
  3. open up and complete the methods dealOneCard and cardsLeft and test them.
  4. implement a regular function, playBlackJack, that plays one game of black jack against the computer using a shuffled Deck.
  5. implement the rest of the classes in the file to create a digital clock that will be drawn to the graphics window. It will look something like this when the time is 12:59:13: