CS 21 Introduction to Computer Science

This course introduces fundamental ideas in computer science while also teaching you how to write computer programs. We will study algorithms for solving problems and implement solutions in the Python programming language. Python is an interpreted language that is known for its ease of use. We also introduce object-oriented programming and data structures. A deeper coverage of these topics will be presented in CS 35.

CS21 is appropriate for all students who want to learn how to write computer programs and think like computer scientists. It is the usual first course for computer science majors and minors. Students with advanced placement credit or extensive programming experience should place out of this course and instead begin with CS 31 or CS 35.

CS21 Goals

By the end of the course, you will have developed the following skills:

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Current or Most Recent Offering: Spring 2024

In Python: S'22, S'17, F'11, S'10, F'09, F'08
In Java: S'06
In C: S'05, F'04, S'04, F'00, S'00, F'99