CS19/PHIL27: Ethics and Technology
Spring 2024


Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other forms of technology have become pervasive in our daily lives. With this technology comes serious ethical questions. How do we use, create, and regulate all of it responsibly? Philosophers are often well-equipped to wrestle with ethical questions, but less well-equipped to wrestle with questions of technology itself. Computer scientists are well-equipped to deal with the problems and challenges of technology, but less well-equipped to deal with the ethical problems and challenges that technology can pose. In this co-taught course, we bring together the two fields to address ethical questions involving social media, data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other related topics.

The development of this course was supported by a grant from the National Humanities Center through the Responsible Artificial Intelligence Curriculum Design Project.

Course Basics

Class meets:
Wednesdays 1:15-4:00, SCI 183
Office Hours:
Prof. ThomasonMondays 3:30-5:30, Beardsley 209
Prof. MeedenTuesdays 1:30-3:00, SCI 243

You don't need to set up an appointment for office hours; they are a drop-in, first-come-first-serve affair. If you can't make it during office hours, please email us to make an appointment for another day or time.

Contact Information
Professor: Lisa Meeden
Department: Computer Science
Email: lmeeden1 at swarthmore.edu
Office: SCI 243
Professor: Krista Thomason
Department: Philosophy
Email: kthomas2 at swarthmore.edu
Office: Beardsley 209