CS63 Lab 7: Subsumption

Due by 11:59pm, Dec. 1

Do an update63 to get the starting point files. Your solution should be saved in the file:


You will write a single subsumption-style brain that can find a light in the series of increasingly more difficult worlds shown below. These worlds are named:

The file findLight.py contains an example of how to implement a form of the subsumption architecture. It creates a set of behaviors which are then added to a brain in priority order (from lowest to highest). For each time step, the highest priority behavior that is triggered will control the robot.

In order to solve this problem you have several options:

On Friday, Dec. 2nd we will demo your solutions in lab and we will also see if your robot can handle new, even more difficult worlds.


Once you are satisfied with your program, hand it in by typing handin63 at the unix prompt.