CS63 Fall 2005
Lab 7: Subsumption Architecture
Due: Friday, November 4 by 11am



You will write a single subsumption-style Pyro brain that can find the light in the series of increasingly more difficult worlds shown below. These worlds are named:

As a starting point, you may use the SubsumptionFindLight brain that we discussed in class. In order to solve this problem you have several options. One option would be to add a wall following behavior to help you find the light when it is not immediately visible. Another option would be to add a behavior that would seek out open space as a way to force the robot to explore the environment and search for the light. You are also welcome to add more complex behaviors that would save some sort of state about the world. However, you are not allowed to use any global information about the robot's location or heading to help you solve this problem.

At next week's lab we will demo your solutions for the class and we will also see if your robot can handle a new, even more difficult environment.

You may work with a partner on this lab.


Use cs63handin to turn in your subsumption-style brain.