Cogs1 Spring 2007
Leading class discussion on Tuesday, April 24

In class on Tuesday, April 24 we will be discussing the chapter on neuroscience from the book Cognitive Science, an Introduction by Stillings, Weisler, Chase, Feinstein, Garfield, and Rissland. I have divided the reading up into sections and you will sign up as a group, or in a few cases as an individual, to be responsible for explaining that section to the entire class. Individuals and groups of two will have 5 minutes, and groups of three or four will have 10 minutes. Note that every member of the group must speak and be an active participant in the presentation.

During your presentation you should do the following:

  1. Explain the key points from the text by first giving an overview and then providing specific examples.
  2. Try to connect the ideas presented in the text to other topics we have already covered in class.
  3. Raise at least one interesting question related to the topic being presented.