I believe that teaching is ideally about creating an environment where all activities and participants are oriented toward the same goals: understanding fundamental concepts, improving analytical and creative thinking, stimulating intellectual curiosity toward the creation of new knowledge, and acquiring skills for collaboration and dissemination of that knowledge. I have had the opportunity to strive for this goal in the classroom, and through individualized mentorships.

Courses Taught:

Speech Synthesis Directed Reading (CS93).

Data Structures & Algorithms (CS35) (S15).

Introduction to Computer Systems Lab (CS31) (F14).

Data Structures & Algorithms Lab (CS35) (F14).

Selected Mentorships:

Development of a novel, region-based articulatory speech synthesizer. In collaboration with Tessa Jones & Martina Costagliola (Swarthmore, 2015).

Realtime voice activity and pitch modulation for laryngectomy transducers using head and facial gestures. In collaboration with Gautam Mohan, Katherine Hamilton & Andrew Grasberger (Swarthmore, 2014-2015).

Interspeaker Variability in Hard Palate Morphology and Consonant Production. In collaboration with Simon Berman (USC, 2012-13).

Cross-Linguistic Analysis of Fricative Production using Real-Time MRI. In collaboration with Li Hsuan Lu (USC, 2012-13).

Spatial registration of real-time and static MR images. In collaboration with Nishit Malde (USC, 2013).

Teaching Assistantships:

Hearing & Communication Neuroscience (USC: S14)

Artificial Intelligence (USC: F11, F12, S14)

Experimental Phonetics (USC: F09, F13)

Computer Organization & Logic (NCSU: S05)

Architecture of Parallel Computers (NCSU: F05)

Perception & Action (Vassar: F02, F03)

Research Methods in Cognitive Science (Vassar: S04)